The World Health Organization (2014) states that "physical activities often become less important in girls' lives as they are encouraged by pressures from their peer group to seek other activities associated with their preferred perceptions of femininity”.
According to studies by the Women’s Sports Foundation, “in general girls are still not afforded the degree of encouragement or opportunity extended to boys to participate in sports and fitness activities”.
Numerous campaigns (This Girl Can, 20 x 20, Nike's Dream Crazier®) are addressing the lack of belief in a girl's athletic ability, the lack of opportunity, the lack of inspiration and therefore a deficit of girls pursuing sports. 
RUNNER is an honest portrayal of the shortage of equal opportunity that girls are faced with whilst they hope to nurture their dedication to sports that they not only love but could build their future with. It will do so in an entertaining format rooted in emotion, cinematic visual language and character development that will relate to audiences internationally. 
We believe Girls can be whatever they want to be.
Girls can be strong.
Girls CAN. 
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